Call for Presentations is Now Open

Are you passionate about education, training, or learning development? Do you have insights, experiences, or solutions to share with the Moodle community? Then we want to hear from you! MoodleMoot Malaysia 2024 is calling for presentations, and whether you’re an educator, workplace trainer, administrator, or developer, your voice matters.

Why Present at MoodleMoot Malaysia 2024?

MoodleMoot Malaysia 2024 is a platform for Moodlers from all educational, training, and learning fields to come together, learn from each other, share findings, brainstorm solutions, and explore best practices. This is your opportunity to showcase your expertise, connect with like-minded professionals, and contribute to the advancement of Moodle and educational technology.


We welcome presentations in the following streams:

  • School and Higher Education
    • Educators: Share insights on learner-centered education approaches.
    • Administrators: Discuss Moodle site management best practices.
    • Developers: Present innovations and advancements in Moodle code development.
  • Corporate Training and Learning
    • Trainers and Learning & Development Managers: Share strategies for effective workplace training.
    • Moodle Administrators: Explore Moodle site management techniques tailored for corporate environments.
    • Developers: Showcase customizations and integrations to enhance Moodle’s functionality for corporate learning.

Presentation Methods

You can choose from the following presentation methods:

  • Lightning Talk (5 minutes):
    • Present a concise overview of your topic in 5 minutes, followed by a brief Q&A session. Lightning talks will be grouped with other presenters, allowing for shared Q&A time after all presentations.
    • Proposal format: An abstract text of the presentation.
  • Short Presentation (15 minutes):
    • Dive deeper into your topic with a 15-minute presentation, followed by a Q&A session.
    • Proposal format: An abstract text of the presentation.
    • File submission: All accepted proposals will be asked to submit a PDF, ODF or PowerPoint file in advance of the conference.
  • Presentation (30 minutes):
    • Deliver a comprehensive 30-minute presentation, allowing for an in-depth exploration of your topic and a substantial Q&A session.
    • File submission: All accepted proposals will be asked to submit a PowerPoint file in advance of the conference.

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By submitting the information in this online form, you consent to the organizer's use of the gathered information for MoodleMoot Malaysia 2024. Please review the corresponding terms and conditions to confirm your agreement.

You agree that the information provided, including your full name, company, photo, position, and brief profile, may be posted on the official website of MoodleMoot Malaysia 2024 official site, organizer's sites, and sponsor's sites.

You also agree that the title of your presentation and your profile may be posted on the official social media pages (Facebook/Twitter) of MoodleMoot Malaysia 2024, organizer and the sponsors.

The organizer may contact you directly via the mobile phone number provided regarding the MoodleMoot Malaysia 2024 event.

You understand that facilitators will introduce you before your presentation at MoodleMoot Malaysia 2024 by mentioning your name, company, and brief profile.

Your presentation may be recorded (either audio or video) by the organizer and later uploaded to the social media platforms and YouTube channel of ModernLMS for public consumption.

During MoodleMoot Malaysia 2024, a photographer and videographer designated by the organizer may capture random pictures and videos during your presentation.
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